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  • Design and construction of the highway "Struma" Lot 3.1.
  • Preparation of detailed design for Emergency Repair Works on the viaduct of "Trakiya" highway at km 67 +000
  • Designer’s supervision of "Struma" highway, Lot 1, section: "DOLNA DIKANYA - DUPNITSA" from km 305 +220 to km 322 +000
  • Development of a technology design for Repair and Restoration Works on the road III-8611 "Belitsa - Zagrazhden" section from km 12 +435 to km 31 +721
  • Development of desings for urbanization of neighborhoods in the Town of Vidin, Town ofPazardzhik and others.
  • Development of design for reconstruction of roads of the National Road Network compromised due to landslides.
  • Rehabilitation of roads of the National Road Network with a length of 60 km.